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Becoming a Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus Christ

The purpose of RMC is to honor God by leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We know that because of the sinful nature of people, we will never live a life perfectly honoring God or being fully devoted to Jesus.  Even so, we want people to strive with their entire being to fulfill this purpose.  As a way to help people direct their lives toward this end, RMC encourages people to WIN and to complete the Classes which help us have a great commitment to the Great Commandment and Great Commission.  We believe these encouragements will best help people fulfill this purpose in their lives. 


5 Purposes for Every Christian

God has five basic purposes for every Christian and every church family: 

  • Worship -  We show love to God when we worshiping Him.  This is at the heart of all we do.  We worship God when we fulfill the purposes for which he created us. 
  • Sharing - We tell people about Jesus and about how our faith in Jesus has blessed our lives.  We want to bring people to feet of Jesus and encourage them to put their faith and trust in Him. 
  • Fellowship - We need genuine fellowship with our church family.  The church family provides close relationships where we learn how to love real people, not ideal people.
  • Serving - We demonstrate our love for others by serving them, as Jesus served when He lived one earth.  God created each of us with a unique shape for service and a ministry to others.  We want to help people find their shape for ministry and serve in a place where they are fruitful and fulfilled.  Our servant's heart also leads us to serve where we are needed, even if we do not believe we are shaped to do so. 
  • Growing - We will learn as much as we can about God's Word (The Bible) so we can obey His commands, glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. 


WIN - Tips we offer our church family to help keep life in balance...

W - Worship and Work - Attend weekly worship gatherings and work in a ministry to serve the the RMC family

I  - Invest and Invite - Invest your time and attention in people who do not have a church family and invite them to attend RMC, and to hear about how Jesus has changed your life. 

N - Nurture your life - Nurture your life by having a daily quiet time with God and being an active part of a small group of friends where you can experience the Christian life together. 


Classes and Commitments

We provide the following classes to help prepare us in fulfilling each of the 5 purposes.


Class 101

Tells about this great God we follow, what we believe, who we are, how God is using us to make a difference in our community and world, where God wants us to go, and how you can be a part.  Class #101 is required for church membership.

Membership Questions


Class 201

This self paced (CD) class empowers believers to begin four of the vital habits for spiritual growth which are praying, reading the bible, being a part of a small group, and giving back to God.

Class 201 Commitments


Class 301

This class is designed to help believers find where they are best SHAPED to serve - a ministry where they are fruitful and fulfilled.

  SHAPE Profile


Class 401

This class is designed to help believers tell their faith story to others, so people can be pointed toward faith in Jesus.